Married June 10, 2008

Monday, April 25, 2011


Lack of blogging due to the following: 3 final exams, 1 final paper, 1 final portfolio, 1 photo project all within the next 48 hours. Followed by 1 final exam next week. Will blog after Wednesday.....or maybe I'll just sleep.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I did it....

My friend recently started a blog for her healthy part of life. She tracks what she eats, her workout etc. every day. My family for many years has talked to each other about their work outs. While in NYC I got a daily recount of my parents run or workout. Growing up it got to be so much that I banned certain people from talking to me about healthy stuff, what I ate or didn't eat and working out. Daily exercise talk is too much for me, so here's what I've decided to do. I won't do this every day, but I need an outlet about exercising. This will be my forum for the ups and downs of working out, attempting to run and eating better. No, this is not my own "Biggest Loser" (although I love that show), you will not know my weight, maybe a comment about loss/gain, this is not my pity party for sympathy or praise, JUST AN OUTLET. SO, here goes.... - I was dreading going to the gym on Monday since I hadn't been for over a week, and haven't had some of my asthma medicine. But, after class Shawn and I headed over to the rec center. I started out up on the track. Now, you must know my exercise has been hit and miss (mostly misses) for a while. Last time I ran this track I could only do 2 laps (9 laps = 1 mile) which is quite pathetic. So Monday my goal was to run 3. Well, I ran 6! Walked another, ran 2 more, and finished walking 3. It felt good, considering I could barely run at all before. I continued with some weight lifting, abductors, adductors and stretching. Still feeling pretty good Shawn and I went back up and ran another 5 laps with a sprint at the end! 2 miles later, I was starting to think I will be able to run 3 miles in a month. Good start!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

5k Update

Training is not going so well... I woke up Sunday congested, sore throat, my ears hurt along with an achy body. That was the high point of the week, it's been down hill ever since. So to say the least I have not been training or exercising all week. Not looking forward to Monday, but I have to do it.

Monday, April 4, 2011


My sister-in-law, Katie, and I have been saying we should do a 5K since I got engaged. That was 3 years ago and we have yet to do one. Well that all changes for me this year....hopefully. The Ogden marathon ends right outside the doors of my work. So my work, The Imaging Depot, has offered to pay it's employees entrance fee for whichever part of the race we want to do. A couple of us decided to do the 5k. I don't believe Katie will be joining me, but Katie, start training with me and we'll do one this summer! Training was supposed to start today...........better luck tomorrow?! I've never been a runner, but 3.1 miles can't be that bad right? Here's to getting in shape and running in my first official event ever, and hoping it won't be my last. Katie, and all the other 3 of you that read this blog will be the ones holding me to it. Updates on my progress to follow. UPDATE: Shawn saw me typing this up and asked if he gets to do it with me, of course! So I signed him up as well. We'll keep each other on track.