Married June 10, 2008

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bear Lake take 1

We waited until Sunday to head up to Bear Lake for the weather to get a bit better. Of course it was worth the wait! We had a great Sunday dinner, a walk on the beach and movie night. Monday we slept in, spent a few hours on the beach with one quick dip in the freezing lake to cool off, had a nap, more movies and a great dinner. We went to a new Latin bistro called Cafe Sabor and it was fantastic. We sat outside and enjoyed the sunset and cool breeze. The pic is from my phone so it's not very good. We each ordered our own burrito not knowing they were as long as your fore arm and twice as thick! Between that and the homemade guacamole we were stuffed. Great times with beautiful sunsets, sunburns and celebration!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Photography Shadowing

Tyler seeing Katie in her dress for the first time getting ready! Shawn's sister Katie is getting married next month. She had her bridals on Tuesday. They picked a photographer I referred to them who did my friend Heather's wedding. He was nice enough to let me tag along and shadow him during her bridals. I just got a new camera and am still getting used to it, but it was fun and we was great about answering questions and giving me tips! Thanks again Karen and Katie for setting it up! After uploading these pics I noticed the color changes and not for the better. Sorry for the weird coloring they look better I'll just have to figure it out for next time!

2 Years!!!

2 years ago! Great friends Heather and Brad who knows what I'm doing but I love them laughing in the back Chios singing to the Marianne cute couple dancing I can't believe Shawn and I have been married for two years already! It's crazy how fast it has gone by, but we've had lots of fun and good times along the way. We planned on going to Laguna Beach for our anniversary trip, but my close friend, Marianne, got married and wanted me to be a bridesmaid. So we stayed home and enjoyed the festivities yesterday. The day started out at the temple for the sealing. As we were sitting waiting for the ceremony to start I couldn't help but think what a wonderful place to spend our anniversary sitting in a room very similar to the place we started our marriage. It was great to watch our friend's be sealed together while sitting next to my other close friend Heather. The luncheon was at the JSMB and the reception at the Lion House, so we spent most of the day on temple square. It was great to have Heather and her husband Brad there the whole day. It was also nice for Shawn to have someone to hang out with while Heather and I got ready, took wedding pics, and performed our bridesmaid duties. Thanks Brad! Marianne was a beautiful bride and we are so excited for them! As for celebrating our anniversary we are heading up to Bear Lake this weekend, and planning our annul trip to Ruth's Chris, can't wait! Happy Anniversary Shawn! I love you and look forward to all the years we have ahead of us.