Married June 10, 2008

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heard on the golf course...

Shawn and I both had the day off today, and we spent it golfing. We started chipping and putting at Eaglewood, where I chipped one in. Then we moved to Oakridge for 9 nine holes with my dad and JD. Back to Eaglewood for a bucket and 9 more holes. As I was walking to the range I found $20 on the ground! On the 6th hole at Eaglewood Shawn shanked it far left into some houses that lined the course. As we drove up to the house we found some kids and their dad, where the following conversation happened: the dad-Did you you hit a Nike? ....(we shook our heads no) Callaway? (again no) ... how about a Precept? Shawn - No, I ha a Titleist the dad - oh where did that one go guys? We saw one of those too. The dad proceeded to find Shawn's ball and throw it to him. Ha good thing the kids were playing football and all had helmets on! 2 buckets of balls, 3 birdies, 1 chip in, 2 free rounds of golf, + $20 later and no Costco...not a bad day!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Wow one year later and still going strong! It seems like I have just always been with Shawn, but at the same time it is crazy we've already been married for a year. It's been absolutely amazing and we can't wait for the adventures ahead. To celebrate we headed to San Diego for a few days. We enjoyed the sun, sorry about the rain back here! We went to the beach, where we saw dolphins, Sea World, Ruth's Chris for dinner, and Seaport village. It was a blast!

Chio Reunion

My friend Heather got married a few weeks ago. Once the happy couple got back from their honeymoon we had another pizza night before we all go our different directions for the summer. Heather moved down to Provo with her husband, Marianne is preparing for graduate school, Ingrid is going to DC for an internship and then to Cambridge for school in the fall, and I am going to summer school and a couple small vacations. Good luck to all!