Married June 10, 2008

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Traditons: Postcard to NYC

One of my family's Christmas traditions are these: Swedish Tea Rings. Every year I would help my mom make these and deliver them to our neighbors and friends. But the best one was always saved for Christmas morning. After opening presents we would enjoy this once a year treat. Well, Nancy and Joe are in NYC for this Christmas and next so I took up the honor, stress and enjoyment of making them. Although my mom did find a way to make them for my dad this year! Dear Nana and Grandpa, Since you are away this year I decided to carry on the tradition and make THESE Your other children were very surprised and happy when I showed up on Christmas Eve with these in hand. Especially since I didn't do my math very well and each tea ring was twice the size it should have been! :) Christmas morning was great for all to have a little piece of Christmas past and mom in each home. Tea ring and coke after presents, what more could you need? Hope NYC tea ring is as good tea ring at home.