Married June 10, 2008

Monday, September 13, 2010

Belated Labor Day

What do you do on Labor Day when neither of you have to work and no school? First you sleep in then you make crepes and fill them with this this and this then you go shopping in Park City at the outlets then you get Indian food for dinner then you share said Indian with siblings and finish the night off with Settlers of Catan Awesome labor free Labor Day

Friday, September 3, 2010

New JOB!

It's true I'm DONE with Costco! I got a new job at The Imaging Depot. It's a new photo lab in Ogden that the Inkley family is opening. I get paid more, will be full time, benefits & they work with my school schedule! I will start on Tuesday :) I had my last day at Costco today which was bittersweet but mostly just awesome. Some things I will miss:
  • seeing Shawn at work
  • the fun girls I work with
  • seeing people I know but don't see often (the ones I actually like running into)
  • the short commute
  • taking/receiving lunch to/from Shawn
  • my family visiting me at work
  • the friends I made
  • sharing the looks of frustration/astonishment/bewilderment/dismay...(the list goes on and on) with the girls in photo after some member did or asked something ridiculous
  • the funny ridiculous questions or things members do ie. "will these pictures melt in the car?" , the lady that wouldn't buy our holiday stamps b/c they had a "smoking snowman" on them: it was frosty the snow man with his corncob pipe! .... endless list
  • knowing exactly what to do, how to do it and what's expected of me
things I will not miss so much
  • the essence of Costco ie. the smell, the members, the employees, the general feeling there
  • members getting mad at me for stuff that's not my fault ie. their heads getting cropped off, they pushed the wrong button, again the list is endless
  • the stupid members that ask or do ridiculous things: "which one is glossy or lustre?" duh the one that says glossy on it (our examples say glossy or lustre), walking a member through how to order their pics as I read EXACTLY what is on the screen, "How long is it going to take?" if you've ever been to Costco you'll know there is a GIGANTIC sign that says in caps 1-HOUR PHOTO hmmm..... people getting mad at me b/c I can't ring up non-photo items at photo and then leaving the gum, milk, or clothes on the counter for me to put away, the calls right before we close (especially on Saturday or during Christmas) wanting to know why their stuff won't be done today....etc I'll stop before I get too mad
  • members getting mad at me for stuff that is my fault, no one is perfect what is yelling going to fix?
  • angry managers (luckily mine was nice most of the time) that will do anything for the member even if it's against Costco policy and makes you look like a jerk
  • members demanding and getting whatever they want
  • having to tell people they can't use someone else's card
  • mostly the members at Costco
Things I am excited/nervous about
  • new job, new place, new managers, new co-workers
  • new machines, especially the massive ones that can print 44in wide and super long
  • no Costco members
  • working only in a Photo store not a warehouse that has tons of other stuff
  • being able to teach and work one on one with customers
  • not having to call customers "members"
  • not knowing exactly what I'm doing, how to do it, what's expected of me, but trying to learn
I know I'll have some of these issues at my new job but most of them will go away. This new lab is more about teaching people how to use and enjoy their photos so I'll have more time to explain and teach and not get frustrated. Now don't be offended if you're a Costco member, I just don't like the ridiculous ones! But I am no longer an employee so now I can join the regular members and hopefully be a good one, not a ridiculous one!