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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer happenings

Whew! Last time I posted I was dragging through finals week of Spring semester, now it's finals for Summer semester. What happened? Where did all the time go? Well where ever it went it took my summer with it. Shawn and I have been busy doing the following:

- enjoying the hot summer days
- eating outside
- fire pit evenings
- laying outside on our hammocks
- swimming with family
- Ogden 5k (yes I did it!)
- boating

Most of the Cochran clan headed down to Zion for a family reunion. 'Most' of the family includes grandpa, 2 of his siblings, their kids, grandkids and great grandkids! I'd never met half the family but it was fun to get to know everyone. We went swimming, hiking, had a basketball tournament, large dinners and even a service project. Shawn and I finally broke in our tent we got for our wedding and loved sleeping outside.

We also celebrated our 3 year anniversary! We both had the weekend off and spent it relaxing together. For dinner we went to our favorite Indian place down the street, got Cold Stone for desert and watched a movie at home. Pretty chill weekend, but it was just what we needed.

Last weekend we went to Bear Lake with my family. Strange going without my parents, but we figured it out. We spent our time boating, at the beach, golfing, mini golfing, playing games, getting shakes, getting drinks and chasing nephews and nieces. The kids had a blast on the boat, they loved the tube, knee board and wake board. Shawn is getting the hang of the wake board and has started trying to jump and get air.

Crazy busy but fun summer! 2 weeks left and then Fall semester starts. We'll enjoy it while we can!

Sorry about the picture overload but Nana and Grandpa in NYC need to stay connected with pics of the grandkids, including the annual grandchildren pic by "the tree" in Bear Lake. Enjoy! JD took his kids out and rode the knee board with them. Some of these pics include Joey and Sam's first ride, and Joey's amazement and goodbye wave when his dad let go.

We told the tube riders to raise their hands for a picture, unfortunately captain JD didn't get the memo. The boat went and jerked the tube while Joey wasn't holding on and he fell off the back. Look closely and you can see Morgan's shocked face and the top of Joey's head behind Charlie's arm as he tumbles off the back!

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Heather and Brad said...

Fun pictures Mar! Yay for summer...sad it has to end so soon.