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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One more week

In one week and two days I will be done with the semester. The problem is in the next 36 hours I have four assignments, one final project, one portfolio, two papers and a quiz to get through. The first three mentioned are due in just five hours...and I haven't started. Windmagedon really messed up my study time last weekend, between the power outage and the Cochran cleanup I didn't get much done. Why is it I can always find time to blog when I shouldn't, but when I have ample time I choose not to?? Well, I decided to forgo lunch today to work on my assignments before class. I'm starving as I sit in a quiet room alone in the LNCO building. In walks a girl with a pizza, which smells slightly old but delicious none the less. She ate her pizza and left. Seriously? Go eat in a normal area, it's just cruel.

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