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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brick Wall

I have hit a wall. It's tall, strong, unmoving and impenetrable. I feel like this semester should be over now, yet I still have a month left. Losing focus and having no motivation to study are understatements. The worst part is that on the other side of the wall is a land of no studying, no papers, sleeping in, Christmas fun, baking, tea-ring, family and actual time with Shawn. It seems like I'll never get to that land. This is my last year of college (yes I will finally finish next semester), I'm so close but every day seems like forever till the end. So, in an effort to kick my butt into gear (I should be studying now during my 2 hour break of the long 12 hours of school Tuesday), I ask you to help me. What did you do in school when you hit a wall with the end of the semester so far away? Any tips would be helpful. No motivational speeches necessary.

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Morgan & Geoff said...

Super detailed to-do lists. They help keep me on track, and make me feel like like I'm accomplishing something when I cross stuff off...even the little stuff.

Best of luck Quiet Lyon.